Winsor and Newton Galeria Acrylic Tube 60ml (Available in 60 Shades)

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Galeria Acrylic is a high-quality acrylic paint which delivers professional results, ideal for artists who want high quality more accessible range. The Galeria Acrylic range offers excellent brilliance, professional quality pigments, opacity and permanence with a smooth, satin finish. Galeria uses either the same pigments as the professional range or a similar pigment, but in a lower concentration. This makes it easy to use with, or transition to artists’ grade when a wider choice and higher pigment strength is needed.

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434 Pale Lemon, 346 Lemon Yellow, 114 Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue, 653 Transparent Yellow, 120 Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue, 115 Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue, 090 Cadmium Orange Hue, 682 Vermillion Hue, 095 Cadmium Red Hue, 203 Crimson, 466 Permanent Alizarin Crimson, 257 Pale Rose Brush, 502 Permanent Rose, 448 Opera Rose, 488 Permanent Magenta, 075 Burgundy, 444 Pale Violet, 728 Winsor Violet, 660 Ultramarine, 446 Powder Blue, 179 Cobalt Blue Hue, 138 Cerulean Blue hue, 706 Winsor Blue, 541 Prussian Blue Hue, 516 Phthalo Blue, 232 Deep Turquoise, 435 Pale Olive, 599 Sap Green, 447 Olive Green, 311 Hooker’s Green, 483 Permanent Green Light, 484 Permanent Green Middle, 482 Permanent Green Deep, 522 Phthalo Green, 294 Green Gold, 060 Buff Titanium, 422 Naples Yellow, 744 Yellow Ochre, 553 Raw Sienna Opaque, 552 Raw Sienna, 074 Burnt Sienna, 077 Burnt Sienna Opaque, 437 Pale Terracotta, 564 Red Ochre, 076 Burnt Umber, 438 Pale Umber, 554 Raw Umber, 676 Vandyke Brown, 465 Payne’s Grey, 331 Ivory Black, 337 Lamp Black, 386 Mars Black, 283 Gold, 214 Copper, 617 Silver, 527 Process Yellow, 533 Process Magenta, 535 Process Cyan, 415 Mixing White, 415 Mixing White, 644 Titanium White, 617 Silver, 214 Copper, 283 Gold


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