Bluebird Wall Chalkboard Paints 475ml


  • Volume: 475 ml
  • Water based – READY TO USE
  • Surface application: Walls, Wood
  • Base coat: Bluebird 3 in 1 Primer
  • For best finish apply with roller
  • Erasable Finish
  • Superior Coverage
  • Fast Dry
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  • Method for DIY Beginners and Experts

    Kit Required

    Masking Tape
    4″ Roller
    Sanding Paper (Raigmal)
    Bluebird 3 in 1 Primer
    Bluebird Chalkboard Paint

    Surface Preparation

    Compatible Surfaces: Walls and Wood
    Incompatible Surfaces: Enamel-painted wall, Laminated wood

    If the surface is pre-painted, it is important to make sure the paint is Emulsion (water-based) for it to be compatible with the water-based Chalkboard Paint. If there are any cracks or apparent flakes, it is required to scrape-off the old paint with a scraper and apply Bluebird Wall Putty to fill any void. For polished wood, it is first required to sand the surface once before moving on to the next step i.e. Priming.

    Use masking tape to mark the target area and apply Bluebird 3 in 1 Primer with a 4″ roller (recommended for better coverage and to avoid brush marks). Water may be mixed to achieve the required consistency (not more than 20%). One liter of primer covers 14-16 square meters and 1-2 coats are recommended depending on darkness of the base colour. After the first coat is applied, sand the surface with a sanding paper (raigmal) and then move on to the next coat with a 2 hour gap in between.


    Bluebird Chalkboard Paint is ready to use and can be diluted with water up to 20% to achieve the required consistency. Recommended tool of application is 4″ roller. 475 ml paint covers 2 coats over 30 sqft. surface. There should be a 2 hour gap between coats. It’s now done! Let the surface dry for at least 24 hours after the final coat.


    Surface can be cleaned after 24-48 hrs. of application with damp cloth and is water resistant.

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