Marabu Chalk Paint – 100ml (Chalk-Chic)


  • Water-based
  • Good coverage
  • A velvety soft finish
  • Smudge-proof
  • Weather-resistant
  • Can be mixed together
  • Wood, MDF, papier mâché, glass, metal, paper, ceramic, porcelain, earthenware, canvas, plastic
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Water-based, opaque, matt chalk paint for a velvety smooth surface. Suitable for wood, MDF, glass, metal, papier mâché, paper, ceramic, canvas, plastic, and many other materials. Suitable for rolling, painting and stippling. Colours can be mixed together. Waterresistant, weatherresistant, light-resistant. The typical used look can be achieved by sanding. Dry to the touch after approx. 30 minutes.

Sanding technique

The sanding technique makes surfaces look like they have been touched by many generations. The wood shines through the layers of varnish and tells its own mysterious story. This original effect is easy to create. Use sand paper to sand the applied paint at the corners and edges until the colour of the material reappears. Even decorative materials look as if they have been used hundreds of times. Objects take on the popular used look when a second colour is visible through the top coat of paint.

1.Use a brush or roller to apply the first colour over the entire surface that is free of dust and grease. Now leave to dry for 30 min.
2.Apply the second colour evenly. Leave to dry for 30 min. as well or dry with a hair dryer. Apply the transparent Chalky-Chic Protective Wax to make it easier to work on the areas to be sanded. Leave to dry for 15 minutes.
3.Use sand paper to sand the desired surfaces, corners and edges.

Dry technique

Embellish surfaces particularly effectively with characteristic textures. Smooth surfaces look as if they have been brushed when the dry technique is lovingly applied, while textured surfaces gain more depth so that you can literally feel the used look.

1. Use a brush or roller to apply the first colour evenly onto a surface that is free of dust and grease.
2.Apply the second colour with a dry bristle brush and wipe it off until there is virtually no paint left on the brush. Now use the brush to gently go over the areas to be highlighted.

Tip: Deliberately highlight the textured effect with the use of two different colours – or use tone-in-tone colour for a gentle and harmonious effect.

Wet technique

Using the wet technique gives you wonderfully subtle colour wash effects. The surfaces of furniture and decorative objects exude a vibrant look and invite you to touch them. The paint stays in the grooves of material with porous surfaces. Wood grains or other textures can be effectively highlighted. In this way you can give your furniture a touch of traditional craftsmanship.

1.Apply the paint evenly to a surface that is free of dust and grease. Use a brush or paint roller. Leave to dry for 30 minutes or accelerate the process with a hair dryer.
2.Apply a second coat of colour. Do not leave this to dry.
3.Rub over the paint immediately with a damp cloth and smudge it. This predominantly leaves paint in the grooves. The wetter the cloth, the stronger the colour wash effect.

Tip: The darker the second colour compared to the first, the stronger the contrast.

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112 Pastel Yellow, 114 Ginger, 121 Saffron, 135 Antique Violet, 144 Light Blue, 148 Lagoon, 161 Cocoa, 171 Edelweiss, 175 Ebony, 113 Vanilla, 120 Salmon, 134 Powder Pink, 140 Grey Blue, 145 Smoky Blue, 159 Mistletoe, 169 Stone Grey, 174 Slate


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