Marabu Silk Paint – 50ml


  • water-based
  • brilliant, intensive colours
  • soft to the touch and very good flow
  • can be washed and dry-cleaned
  • easy iron fixing or oven fixing
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Water-based silk paint, fixed by ironing. For all techniques of silk painting and for all silk qualities as well as thin cotton fabrics. Brilliant, intensive colours. Soft to the touch and very good flow properties. Washable and suitable for dry cleaning. Easy fixing with an iron or in the oven.


Fix Marabu Silk with an iron or in the oven after drying. You can also fix your design in one single step if you are using Marabu Silk in addition to Marabu Contours & Effects.

Set the iron to cotton temperature and iron from the reverse through a thin cotton cloth or baking paper for 2-3 minutes (for each 30 x 30 cm section). Keep moving the iron throughout.
Or: Fix the silk in a pre-heated oven for 8 minutes at 150°C. We recommend placing the silk on a sheet of baking paper to avoid unwanted burnt patches. This fixing method is not suitable for large silk fabrics.

Simply clean brushes and other tools with water immediately after use. Stir or shake lightly before use.

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004 Garnet Red, 005 Raspberry Red, 007 Lavender, 008 Terracotta, 017 Amber, 021 Medium Yellow, 022 Pastel Yellow, 023 Orange Red, 025 Apricot, 031 Cherry Red, 032 Carmine Red, 033 Pink, 037 Plum, 044 Russet Brown, 045 Dark Brown, 046 Medium Brown, 052 Medium Blue, 053 Dark Blue, 055 Dark Ultramarine, 057 Gentian, 058 Prussian Blue, 061 Reseda, 062 Light Green, 073 Black, 075 Pine Green, 091 Caribbean, 096 Emerald, 222 Vanilla, 225 Tangerine, 236 Light Pink, 255 Aquamarine, 282 Leaf Green, 291 Arctic, 292 Pastel Blue, 294 Caramel


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