Mungyo Semi Jumbo Oil Pastel Set of 36 (MOPSJ-36)


About this item
  • Made of strong pigment content resulting in brilliant and easy-to-blend colors
  • Smooth Velvety texture
  • Blend with brushes or tortillions
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For the art competition this season make a brilliant piece of art using these Oil Pastel Crayons from Mungyo. If you are looking for a crayon that is easy to blend, these Mungyo Oil Pastel Crayons could be an apt choice. Also, these Oil Pastel Crayons come with?thirty six pastels?that provide an impeccable quality of color. The assorted colors of this Pastel Crayons will enhance your work of art in the most unique way. Additionally, these Oil Pastel Crayons come in a package that is neatly wrapped and is convenient for you to carry along while travelling. You need not worry about getting any kind of allergy as these Pastel Crayons are?non-toxic. If you love experimenting with impressive shades, these?Mungyo Oil Pastel Crayons?will prove to be a?worthwhile addition to your collection of art supplies. These Oil Pastel Crayons?enable smooth?and easy glide?on your drawing sheet, allowing you to draw with ease.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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