Pottery Tool Kit Set of 8pcs


  • 1 X Metal scraper
  • 1 X Wood scraper
  • 1 X Water absorbent sponge block
  • 1 X Two-head cutter
  • 1 X Single head blanking cutter
  • 1 X Needle cone
  • 1 X Wire scraper
  • 1 X Double head plastic cutter
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All the basic pottery tools required for the professional as well as the beginner come packaged in a reusable, clear vinyl bag with pockets for each tool. *The “must have” tools for creating with clay! This kit contains one each of these eight tools:*Loop tool (for carving, hollowing & trimming), *Ribbon tool (for edging, shaving & thinning), *Wood potter’s rib (for contouring, flattening & scraping), *Needle tool (for drawing piercing & slicing), *Wood modeling tool (for cleaning up, finishing & modeling), *Sponge (for moistening, absorbing & refining), *Metal scraper (for melding, scoring & smoothing), and *Wire clay cutter (for cutting & removing pieces)

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